Palmer Place. 

History. Family. Community.


In June of 1976 our parents Mike & Ruth Palmer purchased The Spot to Eat Restaurant in downtown LaGrange. The Spot to Eat was a small deli restaurant that had been in LaGrange since at least the early 1940’s. “The Spot” was open 6 days a week for lunch and just 2 nights a week for dinner (until 8pm). LaGrange was a very different then… there were only about 5 restaurant in LaGrange, there was no liquor service in LaGrange (no liquor service in many of the other Villages along the BNSF corridor as well), LaGrange Theater had just one screen, and the mortgage rate on our building soared to 19% when Jimmy Carter was President.


In 1983 The Spot to Eat was closed and our family opened Palmer Place Restaurant & Biergarten as a casual family friendly restaurant. Also in 1983 LaGrange had a new liquor ordinance and we served several wines by the glass, 2 draft beers & 40 beers by the bottle. The gravel parking lot behind the restaurant was bricked over in 1983 and our first outdoor patio was opened.


In 1986 Palmer Place expanded into the retail space directly to the south and our fireplace room was built. The new fireplace room gave us more Winter seating and our customers a cozy warm place for dining.


In 1990 our back dining room was built. We were able to add seating for 85 people, a new bar and our new rooftop seating was also added at this time. Most importantly we were able to add a basement under the new back dining room for much needed storage.


On February 4, 2007 Palmer Place closed for about 5 weeks to remodel the restaurant. After weeks of planning we were swinging sledge hammers and driving Bobcats in the restaurant while most people were watching the Bears vs. Colts in Super Bowl XLI on Feb 4th. Thanks to a great contractor & architect and a $1M loan from First National Bank of LaGrange, we were able to reopen before St. Patrick’s Day 2007.


Much has changed for our restaurant and our family over the last 40 years. A 3rd generation of Palmer’s now work at the restaurant. We have one of the largest outdoor dining spaces in Chicago. We still serve great beer and have grown to 38 drafts and 300+ by bottle & can, full liquor service and dozens of wines by bottle & glass. While much has indeed changed we strive to be the same casual, family friendly restaurant that we opened 40 years ago. Thank you to all our wonderful customers for your patronage over the last 40 years and we look forward to many more years to come.


Phil & Steve Palmer