56 South La Grange Road

La Grange, IL 60625


Monday thru Thursday 11am to midnight

Friday & Saturday 11am to 1am

Sunday  12noon to 11pm

"Where neighbors become friends!"

The Burger's The Thing, Kudos to Chicago's Finest Beef Patties


"Palmer Place gets the silver for it's half-pounder of 100 percent flavorful ground chuck that ischar-grilled to perfection, plunked into a bulky bakery bun (or dark rye) and gussied up withlettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. No fewer than eight choices on the cheese end of the burger. Palmer Place also gets an honorable mention for its incredible burger menu: 13 burger choices in all. And if you want a great chili burger, this is the place. Burgers come with a range of potato choices. I favor the potato salad over the fries, but that's just me."

Uncommon Ground, Rating the Best Burgers in Chicago


"Great place for burgers and a blast (especially in the summer when the outdoor biergarten is open).About 17 different delicious burger possibilities ranging from the basic half pounder on a bun ordark rye to the famous Texas Bar-B-Q burger with it's glaze of barbeque sauce, melt of MontereyJack cheese and sautéed onion. A particular favorite is the Black Jack Burger with it's "char-crust"of seasoning and melted Monterey Jack cheese. Terrific flavor. French fries are o.k., but you can substitute the luscious homemade potato salad. salad stuff more stuff."